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Activating the body’s own regenerative powers naturally.

About Sanakin BioScience

Our mission is to give doctors a new kind of autologous and personalised treatment. A technology that uses only the body’s own regenerative powers to make life worth living and lovable.

Inflammation regulation and accelerated tissue regeneration is an important topic for physicians in many specialties. This is where Sanakin BioScience makes a decisive contribution and enables new impulses for autologous therapies.

Our goal is to continuously advance the Sanakin Technology to create an autologous serum. In order to achieve this, we are looking for doctors who specialize in regenerative medicine to constantly improve our technology.

Together we can make a big difference.

History and numbers

Sanakin BioScience is the holding and headquarter of a global group to promote a new approach in creating an autologous serum. In 2010 the first company was established in Germany to start working with the body’s own immune proteins in orthopaedics – the beginning of the Sanakin Technology. The results were so encouraging that we expanded our technology to other specialties.

At the same time, Sanakin BioScience also transferred this approach to veterinary medicine: With Ferakin we have created a way to treat any type of inflammation in pets and livestock 100% autologously.

In the following years Sanakin BioScience expanded its business worldwide and has established several local subsidiaries and global partnerships.

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Numbers 2022

Customers in 40+ Countries
300,000+ applications of our therapy worldwide
1,600+ doctors worldwide