The Technology for the Creation of an Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum

How the body’s own powers can regulate inflammation and stimulate tissue regeneration with Sanakin

Inflammation is the main cause of many degenerative diseases and has a major impact on regeneration after injuries and surgical procedures. For this reason, physicians constantly strive to be able to regulate inflammation quickly and reliably. Autologous serum therapies offer the latest, most effective and safest approach to achieve this in a completely body-own way.

Sanakin — the technology to create a completely autologous serum

Sanakin Technology is about regulating inflammatory processes and stimulating tissue regeneration in a completely natural way. A body-own serum is obtained from the patient’s blood — we call it ACRS (Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum). The serum contains high concentrations of the body’s own messenger substances for anti-inflammation and tissue regeneration. These multiplied, positive and body’s own messenger substances can act specifically where they are needed.

1. Blood Collection

2. Incubation

3. Centrifugation

4. Application

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